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Swan Simpson is the author of the top selling books "Mind Hustle" & "Brand It Like A Boss", and advises food entrepreneurs on how to create tribal brands, bold go to market strategies, so you can 10X your business.

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Coach Swan is an award winning plant based Chef who worked her way out of homelessness and set backs by leveraging the power of Mind Hustle which is both a book and a technique she perfected. She went from living in her car, staying between hotels, and crashing on friend's floor after the mortgage crisis. To becoming one of the most influential women in the food business in the Southeast. She travels speaking to hundreds of  sold out crowds both in person and at virtual events. 


She is a self-taught Vegan & Vegetarian Chef for more than 30 years. Swan is also the Founder & former Executive Chef of Canna Bistro, the first Black owned, woman owned, hemp based food brand in the USA. In 2021, her skills as a vegan culnary innovator lead Canna Bistro to becoming the most awarded vegan restaurant in Georgia. 

Before becoming a go-to food business coach, Swan was knocking down doors as a Media Influencer, a Sales Leader in the Payments Industry, and a Radio Show Host in  both Atlanta and Las Vegas. She has been professionally recognized and honored  by Who's Who in Black Atlanta, the Atlanta City Council, the Atlanta Business League, the Georgia House of Representatives, and  many others. 

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